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Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

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Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

Why Do Garage Door Springs Break Blog | Garage Door Repair Wilmette, IL

It's not uncommon to see your garage door springs break over time even though regular maintenance should increase their longevity. Read on for some of the common reasons why garage door springs tend to wear and snap.

Age Of The Springs

Your springs play a vital role during the operation of your door - the heavy lifting they're subject to each time your door cycles open and closed puts them under considerable strain, meaning it's inevitable that will wear out over time. How quickly this happens though all depends on the usage and the cycle rating of the spring. Considering the fact that a garage door opens and closes 3-5 times a day on average, usual springs are predicted to last around 10,000 cycles of operation. Of course, this precise frequency will also depend on your household and how many members tend to use the garage door.

The Effects Of Cold & Rust

Freezing temperatures & excess moisture can also cause your springs to wear and tear over time. Rust is another common cause for springs to fail as it increases friction in the coils. Further, rust in itself is corrosive and damages springs easily, especially in locations that are predominately wet. To protect against the effects of corrosion and rust, it's advisable to use a mild silicone spray on the springs roughly every 3-4 months - this is an effective preventive maintenance technique. However, you should never use a WD-40 as it tends to attract dirt.

How To Test The Condition Of Your Springs

There are a few easy ways to test if your garage door springs are working OK or are likely to break down any time soon. You can test the balance of the garage door by bringing the door all the way down, raising it to about 4 feet above the ground and releasing. If the door sags, then it may be time to replace springs. (If your door makes significant noise while raising or lowering, then the hinges or opener may need to be looked at).


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